Product Details

Distinctive features: Sight is designed for high-precision shooting at distances up to 2000 meters. The feature of sight is in variable magnification, the value of which can be seen directly in the field of view. Equipped with a rangefinding reticle, which allows to estimate approximate distance to an object. Illumination of reticle’s rangefinding elements allows to aim in the twilight. There is an eyepiece adjustment in the range of -3 up to +3 diopters. Hermetically sealed. Filling with nitrogen protects optics from sweating at temperature drops. Sight is designed for installation on guns with an upper locating of referring rods such as "Picatinny rail". Compatibility: The POSP 5-15x50 WD  is for rifles with a standard Weaver or Picatinny base.


Visible magnification, ratio5 - 15
Angular field of view, degrees4°30’ - 1°50’
Lens clear aperture, mm50
Exit pupil diameter, mm11,3 - 3,2
Number of brightness gradations of reticle8
Overall dimensions without eye-guard, mm425x105x105
Weight, kg1,7
Package includes: - NEW Optical sight, - Eye-shield, - Cover or box, - Operation manual. only original product BELOMO

Manufacturer's address: BELOMO factory - Minsk, Makaenka street 23, Republic of Belarus