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Distinctive features: PK-AT
The PK-AT collimator sight is designed to provide accurate aiming of the weapon at the target when shooting in various light conditions (during the day, at dusk, at night).
The sight is designed for mounting on various small arms.
PK-AT designed for installation on such carbines as "TIGR"
Magnification, multiple of 1
Exit pupil diameter, mm 20
The number of steps for changing the brightness of the aiming mark is 8
Visible size of the target mark, angle min 3
Power supply voltage, V 3
Power supply 2 x AG13
Overall dimensions, mm 175x165x80
Weight, kg 0,7
Package includes:
- NEW Optical PK-AT,
- Cover or box,
- Carrying case
- Operation manual
Original product directly from the Belomo factory

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Manufacturer's address: BELOMO factory - Minsk, Makaenka street 23, Republic of Belarus