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Distinctive features: PK-AW
The PK-AW collimator sight is designed to provide accurate aiming of the weapon at the target when shooting in various light conditions (during the day, at dusk, at night).
A sight is an optical instrument with a semelincident increase of viewfinder, what provides the possibility of observing targets with both eyes.
The PK-AW Sight is designed for mounting on small arms with a "Weaver" mount.
Magnification, multiple of 1
Exit pupil diameter, mm 20
The number of steps for changing the brightness of the aiming mark is 5
Visible size of the target mark, angle min 3
Reconciliation step, MOA 1
Power supply voltage, V 3
Power supply CR2032
Overall dimensions, mm 170x85x65
Weight, kg 0,55
Package includes:
- NEW Optical PK-AT,
- Cover or box,
- Carrying case
- Operation manual.
Original product directly from the Belomo factory

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Manufacturer's address: BELOMO factory - Minsk, Makaenka street 23, Republic of Belarus