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Distinctive features:
The scope provides the ability to conduct aimed shooting in conditions of insufficient illumination of the grid.
Using a distance-measuring grid, with a known length (height) of the object and its clearly visible contours, you can approximate the distance to the objects.
The sight is filled with nitrogen, which prevents fogging of the optical surfaces at temperature differences.
The V-clamp makes it easily mountable on any of the rifles equipped with the standard side rail.
The POSP 8x42 V used for AK-47, AK-74, Vepr, Saiga, K-var, KBI, Hesse, Century, Arsenal USA copies, Romak1/2, SLR-93, SLR-95, SLR-101, MK-11, SAR, WUM, SA85M, WASR, Maddi, Norinco and Poly-Tech


Magnification: 8x

Angular field of view, degrees 3
Removal of the exit pupil, mm 75
Light diameter of the lens, mm 40
Exit pupil diameter, mm 4.7
Supply voltage, 3V
Power supply 2 x AG13
Overall dimensions without Eyecup, mm 320x167x82
Weight, kg 1.15

Package includes:
- NEW Optical sight,
- Eye-shield,
- Cover or box,
- Operation manual.
Shipping charges:
Economy international shipping
Original product directly from the Belomo factory

Manufacturer's address: BELOMO factory - Minsk, Makaenka street 23, Republic of Belarus